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Scope and team


At the start of the WCSP proces, support and commitment from all stakeholders needs to be obtained. Together they can establish the context and formulate the water cycle safety policy. The result of step 1 is an organisational structure for the development and implementation of a WCSP. Effectiveness of a WCSP requires carrying out preliminary actions in order to identify and obtain support and commitment from all stakeholders, to assemble a team, to formulate the water cycle safety policy, to establish the context, to define the time frame to develop the WCSP and to define criteria for risk analysis.

The lists of participants in the WCSP demonstrations are given below as an example. This illustrates that the WCSP team can be adapted to the specfic scope and context..

The Cases provide examples of presentations to introduce the WCSP framework and proces.


Key actions

  1. Identify stakeholders, assemble team and ensure commitment

  2. Establish the water cycle safety policy

  3. Establish the context

−Compile formal requirements

−Understanding the internal context

−Define the time schedule to develop the WCSP

−Define the context for risk assessment

−Set criteria for risk assessment


Example of stakeholders in urban water cycle and corresponding areas of intervention