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Monitoring and review


Monitoring and review are critical components of the WCSP. They consist of a regular checking and surveillance of the whole risk management process with the following purposes:

  1. ensure that RRM are implemented and are effective; this can be done for example through internal and external auditing;

  2. obtain further information to improve risk assessment;

  3. analysing past event, changes, trends, successes and failures in order to learn from experiences and avoid the future occurrence of similar situations;

  4. detecting changes in the external and internal context, including changes to risk criteria and the risk itself which can require revision of risk treatment and priorities;

  5. identify and assess emerging risks.

Review should take into account the experience obtained during the implementation process of the WCSP and the results of monitoring.


Key actions

  1. Define tasks and responsibilities

  2. Keep the WCSP up to date

  3. Record and report results

Risk analysis registryMonitoring_and_review_files/Risk%20analysis%20registry.docx

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