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Flood risk mapping GIS applications.  Case Studies Eindhoven, The Netherlands


In this session, applications assisting the municipality of Eindhoven in the assessment of flooding risks caused by heavy rainfall or high groundwater levels are presented.

Extremely heavy rainfall may cause flooding of streets, pavements and buildings (basement and ground level) in Eindhoven and many other cities.

  1. To make a better risk assessment of areas susceptible to flooding, a GIS application has been developed; the Flooding Landscape Map (FLM). Based on various FLM scenarios measures can be undertaken to prevent flooding in prioritized areas.

  2. Municipalities need a reliable tool to plan for extension and maintenance of the sewage network. For a realistic modeling the unpaved and paved surfaces have to be linked correctly to the nodes in the network. GIS procedures have been developed to maintain the reliability of the model.

  3. Areas which are vulnerable to flooding by occasionally high groundwater may be mapped using GIS and a groundwater model. By combining both systems smart interpolation of groundwater levels can be carried out.

  1. In these three applications, commercial GIS software have been mainly applied. This was due to the availability of proprietary tools for the Municipality of Eindhoven or for the consultants.

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Useful Links

  1. SKINT North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies ‘SKINT’ (,Boogaard, F.C, TU Delft, 2009

  2. AHN Algemeen Hoogtebestand Nederland (



The sewer network of the city of Eindhoven was modeled in Sobek, a hydraulic modeling environment (Deltares) in 2006. A number of assumptions had to be made because detailed geographical data about the paved and unpaved surfaces were not available

In 2009 more detailed data became available in the GIS databases of Eindhoven. Nelen & Schuurmans consultants were contracted to improve the input data of Sobek and to develop a GIS method for easy updating of these data.

A toolbox called “Turtle Urban” has been developed in ArcGIS ModelBuilder by Nelen&Schuurmans. It consists of a number of Python scripts which incorporate generic ArcGIS tools (e.g. overlays and spatial joins) as well as special modules for data input and output conversion.

SKINT North Sea Skills Integration and New Technologies  (,Boogaard, F.C, TU Delft, 2009

AHN Algemeen Hoogtebestand Nederland (