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In the framework of the PREPARED project Iren Acqua Gas is going to apply a new procedure to map the Genoa water pipes quality. The project aim is improving the knowledge of water quality along the water supply network, detecting possible points of quality hazard. In this way, it is necessary to develop a model to determine the blending zones and areas, determined by the integration of different water supply systems which has followed the 2006 merger between the water companies De Ferrari Galliera-Nicolay and Genova Acque.

The parameters to be mapped are Chlorine, Turbidity and Total Trihalomethanes. The percentage of values related to Turbidity, Coliforms, Chlorine and Total Trihalomethanes exceeding thresholds set by law is also represented.

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The accuracy of the  water source zones model (influences areas) is basic for the quality of final maps.

In the example, the Genoa water distribution network is modelled with InfoWorks WS. An alternative open source software is EPANET.

The zones are dynamic, and modelled every 6 months, depending on the water source and the average daily water demand. To insert the average demand within the model the geo-referenced users addresses DB was considered.

At this point, all the users consumptions were geo-referenced. Where no sufficient data were available, the user was associated to the nearest node of the network. For each node the amount of losses is calculated and associated proportionally to the specific demand for each node.

Due to the variability of rainfall pattern and the seasonal behavior of reservoirs, two macroscenarios, a summer scenario and a winter scenario are sufficient for the description of water distribution, from sources to tap. 

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