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Action Plan


A programme for action in critical situations should be developed to ensure coordinated interventions in case of critical limits in control variables being exceeded or if a risk event occurs (an accident or an incident). This integrated programme for action should be for coordinated not only with similar steps at system level but also with civil protection, health surveillance and other relevant entities. Immediately following the detection of a deviation from critical limits, appropriate coordinated actions should be taken in order to:

  1. identify and eliminate the cause of detected nonconformities;

  2. bring the process back into control maintaining safety;

  3. prevent recurrence of the situations of non-conformity.

Wherever possible, emergency scenarios should be identified and emergency response plans adapted accordingly.


Key actions

  1. Review and adjustment of operational monitoring procedures

  2. Establish corrective actions

  3. Develop an emergency response plan

Emergency response for rainfall events in Eindhoven

When heavy rainfall events are expected, several responses are initiated. The sewage system is prepared by opening and closing valves in order to maximise storage capacity and minimise CSO that would impact water quality. When the water load to the WWTP exceeds the capacity, sewage diluted with stormwater is diverted to the river to prevent flush-out of sludge. This allows for rapid recovery of WWTP efficiency after the event. Surface water quality is monitored. When oxygen levels drop, due to the diverted wastewater, aeration of the river water is executed (currently an experiment). This set of emergency responses is all targeted towards good ecological water quality of the river De Dommel.

Flooded street after heavy rainfall in Eindhoven

Example of a combined manhole for both drinking water and waste water in Oslo. Risk of contamination in case of loss of water pressure. Oslo takes measures to ensure good structural conditions of both systems.